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Blackminer L1 (4,9Gh)



Blackminer L1 (4,9Gh)









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Product description

The Blackminer L1 of 4,9 Gigahash and a power consumption of 3450 watts is the cheapest Scrypt ASIC miner that you can get to mine Litecoin and Dogecoin.

This makes it right now a ver interesting Scrypt Asic Miner if you have cheap electriciy rate.

This miner is from a “white-brand” of Bitmain, if you are looking for the next level of Scrypt ASIC miners for efficiency, you will probably be interested in the Bitmain Antminer L7 Asic Miners.


Frequently asked questions


We do express shipping by air so the miners arrive in the least time possible.

We Ship to most countries of North and South America and Europe. If the country you want to ship to is not in the list plase contact us in

We take up to 14 days to ship the miners, still we always try to do it as fast as possible. From there it depends on the courier company in average it should take about 14 days if all goes smoothly.

You will have to pay for the Imports and custom duty by yourself and the amounts depends on your country.


We accept bank transfer, Crypto through Coinbase Payments or direct transfer of USDT trought TRON Network. Please be aware when transfering funds that using the wrong network would mean the loss of the totality of the funds, if you have any questions about payments please contact us throught WhatsApp or Mail, both are in the Contact Us page.

Is completly safe to buy from us. We have a Youtube channel linked in the page you can go and check how transparent we are and if still you have questions you can Contact Us.

Orders & Returns

No, miner are non-refundable when they are bought they can’t be given back. Is how the big providers work so we can’t do any different there.

If you placed an order and you want to change or cancel it before we already process it just contact us, you’ll find the contact infromation in the Contact Us page.

Miner have the warranty that the manufacturer gave them, this is normally between 6 months and 1 year from production, to use the warranty you just have to contact the manufacturer with the serial number of the miner.

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